About Dental Center

Vivodent is a performance Dental Center that offers you the latest technology and materials to look after your health in a peaceful environment and highest comfort.

The founding history of VIVODENT Dental Center starts in 1988 with the generic „Dans”, later changed into „Dentis”, so that in 1995 it is finally registered as “VIVODENT.” “VIVODENT” comes from “VIVO” + “DENT” – (The life) of the tooth.

VIVODENT has a staff of professionals that are always trying to be updated with the latest research and modern methods of dental treatment, participating at trainings and international specialty congresses.

We always develop ourselves to offer good quality dental services to our clients. We believe in the use of modern technologies that offer exceptional results in the dental field.

First Consult – Absolutely FREE

 Functional diagnostics:

  1. The first consult is very important for the doctor and the patient. It is the time when you establish an honest, trustful relationship. During the first consult it is important to find out detailed information about the patient’s general health:


  • Clinical examination of the mouth
  • X-ray examination
  • Patient medical history
  • Preliminary discussion and treatment plan.

Functional diagnostics (Poza ARC, poza wax up):

  • Functional diagnostics is a detailed plan of your individual treatment, so that we know what results to expect and show it to the patient.

Functional diagnostics involves:

  • Mouth examination
  • Photo documentation
  • Dental impression
  • Wax modeling and restoration of functional occlusion
  • Esthetics.

Presenting the detailed individual treatment plan with all the costs involved.

Dental Centre Vivodent provides all the latest generation dental services at the highest quality.

Consultations in English and Organization of dental treatment in Moldova:
Tel: +373 79523377(Doctor Alexandru)

Dental Tourism: travel@vivodent.md