Anesthesia – treatment without any pain

anestezieAll procedures performed at VIVODENT are painless. We apply modern dental anesthesia methods. During anesthesia we always consider the patient’s individual conditions.

The right type of anesthesia is chosen for each procedure performed in the oral cavity


Peripheral troncular anesthesia allows to perform the anesthesia of a hemiarcade, it requires precise knowledge and experience, it is used for the treatment of masticatory teeth.

Infiltrative anesthesia involves the injection of the anesthetic in the soft tissues surrounding the root tip, it influences one or two teeth and the adjacent mucosa. Very often, the treatment of masticatory teeth requires a combination of peripheral troncular and infiltrative anesthesia.

The types of medications with anesthetic effect used at Vivodent Dental Center are ubistesin,  ultracaine and septanest.